Store Policies, Terms and Conditions

RETURNS / REFUNDS / EXCHANGES: Most material can be returned within 30 days of purchase to the store (location) where the purchase was made. The material must be in selling condition. Original receipt is required for refunds. Returns and exchanges without the original receipt will be issued gift card with the refund amount being the lowest selling price within the past 30 days, without consideration of the selling price. Liability is limited to the purchase price of goods or services. In no event shall Mulch Pro be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including loss of profits.  Restocking fees may apply. Refunds are issued in the same manner payment was made.  Refunds require customer information and the original receipt. Cash or check refunds over $50 are paid by business check mailed to the customer within 14 business days. Mulch Pro LLC reserves the right to refuse any return or exchange at any time with or without reason and the right to change or alter Return / Refunds / Exchanges policies at any time without notice.

PRICING GUARANTEE: Your purchase price is guaranteed through our 15-day price guarantee. We offer a one-time price adjustment on all material if the material is offered at a lower sale price. 

BULK (LOOSE) MATERIAL: Returned / Exchanged bulk material is rounded to the nearest ½ cubic yard, in favor of Mulch Pro. Service fees apply to material needing to be picked up from off-site locations. 

YARDAGE DISCREPANCIES: If the measurement of yardage (after delivery) is questionable to the amount ordered, the customer must contact us before applying the material to landscapes. No corrective action will be taken if the material is applied.

COLORED MULCH: Mulch Pro and our suppliers recommend 48 hours of “dry time” after installation, otherwise the colorant could wash off. We do not recommend installing colored mulch in times of rain and/or if rain is forecasted within 48 hours. Avoid sprinkling areas for 48 hours. Install in these conditions at your own risk. No corrective action will be taken if colorant washing occurs.

SPECIAL ORDER / CONCRETE PRODUCTS / FLAGSTONE: Restock fees may apply. 20% restock fee on certain special-order items. Some special-order items may be non-returnable. A 10% restocking fee may apply for in-stock items.

DELIVERIES: Your purchase of Mulch Pro LLC’s delivery service waives all liability from Mulch Pro of incidental property damage including but not limited to: cracking of driveway surfaces, landscape and/or lawn damage, or other property damage. You assume full responsibility for product unloaded in public rights-of-way (including the risk of damage or injury to others). Deliveries requested to be dumped in areas other than driveways are left to the discretion of the driver. Standard delivery rates apply to unloading material in one location on driveways or other easily accessible areas.  Deliveries requested to be unloaded in more than one location or areas other than driveways may be subject to additional fees. Due to unforeseen conditions (such as traffic) Mulch Pro LLC cannot guarantee exact delivery time.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Proof of past purchases is required to qualify for higher (Cumulative) Volume Discounts. (Upon your request, we’re happy to open an account for you to track your purchases.) Upon reaching Volume Discount levels we will issue a credit towards a current purchase for the price difference, at your request. Sorry, but no refund payments in lieu of credit when reaching a higher discount level. No discount substitutions. Discounts not valid with other offers. Mulch Pro reserves the right to revoke and/or alter Association Discount Program and Volume Discount Program at any time without notice.

Mulch Pro reserves the right to refuse any return or exchange at any time with or without reason and the right to change Return / Refunds / Exchanges policies anytime without notice.